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Welcome to the givepact wiki, our Web 3 knowledge hub for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. Our goal is to make this corner of the internet a one-stop shop for nonprofit leaders to learn about Web 3 with curated lists of case studies, tools, tutorials and more.

The wiki will be constantly evolving, and we will be notifying our community of key updates in our Discord and newsletter.

If you haven’t already, we recommend diving into our post on why we think Web 3 is a powerful trend, and the role we see it playing with nonprofits:

NYT tech columnist Kevin Roose published the excellent and thorough “Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto,” which includes deep dives on Web 3, NFTs, DAOs and DeFi.

What Is Web 3?

Below, givepact co-founder Steven Aguiar summarizes Web 3 and how it can help nonprofits fundraise and organize.

And here is a glossary of Web 3 terms (and memes) to help you navigate the space:

Wiki Sections

is where we list all of the amazing Web 3 projects nonprofits are launching.

is a growing list of tools nonprofits can use to fundraise and organize.

is where you can learn about how users interact with tokens and NFTs.

is full-up on our on favorite NFT resources and projects.

, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are redefining how capital is raised and communities are organized. Here you can access resources and a list of our favorite DAOs.

. We are working on non-branded Google Slides templates to make pulling together a pitch deck for your nonprofit Web 3 project as easy as possible.

More on the Fundamental Value of Web 3

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