What Is An NFT?

Endowment-Approved NFT Projects

Wholesome and progressive community founded by husband and wife duo Psych and Betty.
Crypto Coven
Harnessing the metaverse to unlock real life opportunities. Founded on the values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility.
Founded and illustrated by Maliha Abidi, a Pakistani-American author and artist, Women Rise is focused on social justice through women's rights, gender equality and girl's education.
Ancient Warriors
One of the first NFT exhibits of African and Latin American culture, whose mission is to onboard the BIPOC community to Web 3.
NFT Cuba Art
Tunney Munney
The first NFT project by legendary artist Peter Tunney, with part of proceeds going to criminal justice reform organizations like The Innocence Project.
Visible Women
NFT community with a mission to empower women & promote gender equality by creating custom profile pictures for each member.
Pass the Baton
Pass the Baton is an art project celebrating Tommie Smith’s iconic raised-fist protest for human rights, with proceeds supporting 24 organizations.
A female-led organization focused on educating and securing womxn’s place in Web3.
Latino Society
Latino Society is a woman-led NFT community showcasing GenZ Latino artists. They create connections and opportunities for Latinos and Latino Allies in Web3.

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