givepact FAQ

givepact FAQ

Why join givepact?

givepact is perfect for digital directors, fundraising directors, executive directors, organizers, founders and creatives at nonprofit and social impact organizations. If you are bringing innovative ideas to your organization and want to learn about Web 3, join our Discord or sign up to our newsletter.

What is Web 3 and why does it matter?

Web 3 is synonymous with crypto currency. Specifically, Web 3 refers to decentralized blockchain networks that people use to exchange value.

  • Web 1: Read
  • Web 2: Read, Write
  • Web 3: Read, Write, Own

Web 1 was the birth of the internet and static websites like AOL and Yahoo that democratized information. Web 2 was the era of social media, where user-generated content and connections on platforms like Facebook and Twitter flourished. Now, in Web 3, users can acquire digital assets (in the form of tokens and NFTs) on trusted and secure decentralized networks.

How do I join givepact?

The givepact Discord server is the primary digital meeting place for our community, and it is currently invite-only during our beta launch.

Why do you use Discord as your community chat app?

Discord is a robust messaging app (similar to Slack) that has become a Web 3 favorite because it integrates easily with crypto infrastructure like MetaMask wallets. Once in the Web 3 world, you'll likely be joining multiple Discord communities.